Complete Oval Makeup Brush Set!

Beauty addicts like me know very well that affordable makeup brushes are hard to find! I’ve looked everywhere to find a complete set that’s budget friendly and of high quality, but to no avail.

My friend mentioned that Metrodeal has tons of amazing discounts for good quality products. I didn’t believe her at first because the items were really cheap, but I gave it a try.

Upon seeing a set of makeup brushes, I availed the discount voucher right away and received the item two days later.

I love how soft the brushes were on my skin and were great for blending. Now, putting on makeup is more fun! Not to mention, there are no more streaks when applying my foundation.

It took me a while to figure out which is which, but when I mastered using the brushes, I never had to use my fingers for applying makeup again. These brushes are worth it.

I will definitely buy from Metrodeal again because of their great discounts and high-quality products.

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No More Drained Gadgets with this Dual Car Charger

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No More Drained Gadgets with this Dual Car Charger

My son likes to take his car everywhere and can’t leave the house without his gadgets as well. So, when I came across this dual USB charger on Metrodeal, I knew I just had to get it for him.

Accessories can be pricey if you want a great quality one. But thankfully, I found this charger on this e-commerce site at a lower price. It’s one of my most trusted and favorite sites, and I’m always pleased with their fast delivery and good quality products.

This charger has two USB ports, an input voltage of DC12 V to 24 V, and an output voltage of DC 5 V. It can be used for all smartphones and any gadget. You no longer need to have a power bank, as this already is enough.

I highly recommend availing this discount voucher for the charger while it’s still available. It’s an incredibly useful product to have in your car, especially if you take long drives.

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Pillows You Won’t Sleep Without

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Pillows You Won’t Sleep Without


The perfect pillows can be pricey and sometimes, hard to find. But thanks to my addiction to online shopping, I think I just found the perfect polyester cushion pillow on Metrodeal! I love this e-commerce site and always browse their site in my free time.

I ordered one piece immediately, and when the pillow arrived, it certainly did not disappoint. It was in perfect condition, is machine washable, and of course, affordable. I immediately used it and was able to have a peaceful sleep because of its softness.

My husband even told me to buy more while the discount voucher was still available. Now, we drown in fluffy pillows all night long, which makes us not want to wake up in the morning and stay even longer in bed.

I suggest checking out Metrodeal whenever you want amazing discounts for products like this one, and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

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Fresh Clean and Printed Bed Sheets

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Fresh Clean and Printed Bed Sheets

A busy schedule can lead to forgetting important things like replacing furniture or fixing your house. In my case, it’s been a while since I bought new bed sheets. However, there are times when going to the store and finding the right sheets can take up a lot of time, so I decided to try online shopping for a change.

I saw these pretty meadow sheets and knew that I just had to buy it! I love having a nice design to my sheets, as it makes me feel comfy. The sheets give an edge with the beautiful flower design on it.

I was told online shopping is not reliable, but I didn’t believe this. Metrodeal has awesome discounts so I thought if I buy on this e-commerce site, I can save money and time.

I recommend buying these sheets on this site because the quality was worth the price. It was soft and smooth, and even came with two pillowcases and one fitted sheet.

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Stylish Korean Mini Bag

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Stylish Korean Mini Bag

My daughter has a collection of bags such that I don’t know where to store them anymore. Then again, I gave her another one for her birthday, as I came across a bag similar to what she was asking for which is the Korean mini bag.

I found a discount voucher for the bag on Metrodeal and decided to purchase it. There was a choice of black or white, and both designs were incredibly pretty! I didn’t know which one to pick, so I ended up buying both, one for me and the other for my daughter, then I let her pick the color she wanted.

The bag has multiple compartments, is durable, waterproof, and weighs only 0.3kg. The bag has studs on the sides as well, which adds edge to it. The mini backpack was worth the purchase. It could match with any outfit and could be used for work or school.

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