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Wow. Zen-tastic, baby!

White Palace Spa.jpg


Have you been feeling pretty zonked lately? Well, that’s no surprise since the holiday season is the time of the
year in which most people are either excited or stressed (perhaps both). There’s the hassle of heavy traffic
(especially when you’re in Metro Manila), the tension of picking a gift, and the pressure of saying adieu to the
year that was. So when I saw this zen-tastic full body massage package at MetroDeal, I didn’t even hesitate at all.
I mean, why should I? At only Php399 (39% off of its original price), I get to pamper myself without exhausting
my budget.

An oasis of an establishment situated on MIA Road, White Palace Spa is basically heaven on earth. Their cozy
interior is enough to make you feel at home, your worries forgotten. I went there with my mom, so that she can
also have the pampering that she truly deserves. We availed their signature massage, which is a combo of
Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai-Yoga, Pinoy Hilot, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Facial and Scalp Massage, and Foot and Hand
Reflexology. The package also includes sauna, steam, and shower.

For more about Metrodeal reviews, complaints plus more information, visit this link: http://www.metrodeal.info/

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