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Greet 2016 with a Cool Personalized Calendar from Photobook Philippines

Photobook Philippines

Last quarter of the year, a little less than 2 months and we’re going to bid 2015 goodbye. Well, before I
get all caught up in the Christmas shopping rush, I saw this great offer at Metrodeal for a customized desk
calendar at up to 77% discount and I just couldn’t resist.

Before making the purchase, I decided to look for Metrodeal reviews and I found a few bloggers who
recommend Photobook Philippines’ products. Convinced it’s a fun thing to do & the discounts are quite
tempting, I bought the basic 6” x 6” desk calendar (cheapest of the lot) for PhP249 (regular price PhP850) and
an 11” x 5” desk calendar for only PhP299 (regular price Php950)

I was intimidated by the idea of having to use their software and following links for the instructions but I
realized it’s not so hard. Lesson learned, however, is that before you start the whole thing, you have to
prepare all the photos in one place—a special folder or in a USB flash drive.

Since I was quite excited about the whole thing, I redeemed the first calendar by finishing the Project. I
only need to wait for 7 days for my calendar to be delivered and I’m only on my 2nd day but the wait can be
pretty tough since I so want to see the finished product already. As for my 2nd calendar, I’m still finalizing
which photos to include so finishing the next calendar layout will only be a breeze.

If you want to try out this fun personalized calendar, just visit Metrodeal Website, for more information, visit this link: http://blog.rainingpesos.com.ph/online-shopping-and-how-to-detect-a-scam-metrodeal-zalora-ewine-reviews-and-more/

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