Gratify Your Cravings at Latitude Hotel Jen

Hotel Jen Manila

Testing out different restaurants and cafes will have to be one of the things which my fiance and I love
to do. For our own 3rd anniversary, he suggested testing out the Themed Buffet from Hotel Jen (former Professionals
Hotel Manila). His officemates informed him they tried it before and recommended the item. They also pointed
him to a deal being offered from Metrodeal where you’d get 30% discount. I guess you can’t get any better
reviews than that, right? He chose the Themed Dinner Buffet offered by P760 (valued at P1088) for each

Since our anniversary fell over a Thursday, the theme for that dinner buffet was Pinoy Fiesta. I like other
cuisines but classic Philippine dishes would still be over my foodie list. It really is my ultimate comfort foods.
The Kare Kare was pretty good along with our super favorite, crispy pata. What I adore about buffet
settings like these is which it reminds me of those town fiestas back in my mom’s hometown. Foods laid
out and you simply choose the dishes you desire.

It was a absolutely satisfying meal and we all really enjoyed it. Totally more than worth it! More so since my fiance got it
on discount. We actually decided to try the other styled dinners some time–they have Asian on
Mondays, Mexican-Spanish on Tuesdays, Jen’s Specialties (makes you wonder, right? ) on Wednesdays
and Sundays, Pinoy Fiesta Thursdays, Seafoods Grill on Fridays, as well as Barbecue Party on Saturdays.

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