I’d like more dimsum delights and a lot more from Pearl River Cafe!

I had a chance to try out Pearl River Cafe 7 days after its opening through a blogger friend. I’ve tried the noodles, dimsum, their cutesy dumplings along with their tea offerings. Everything is indeed delicious and mouthwatering, and when you were to ask me, I would really like to go back and try their other dishes on the menu.

As I said, I would love to come back, but then I’m strapped with cash due to some unexpected personal problems. I have been dreaming of their noodle dishes i really love and the pikachu-like dessert which is too cute to bite. I have been dreaming of it, and I can’t wait to return there, especially now that they had a promo from Metrodeal.

Although Metrodeal has some metrodeal complaints posted on some of the blogs as I researched in Google, that doesn’t stop me from purchasing the vouchers from their website. The seal from Readers’ Digest that they are one of the trusted brands is why I keep on buying on their latest deals.

The service plus the food at the Pearl River Cafe is indeed delicious that I could only wish that we bought more vouchers from the Metrdeal website. I’m glad that i made a choice, and will definitely go back again!

For more reviews, see the link here: http://www.metrodeal.org/