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On purchasing Longchamps bags online

what I hate about buying designer bags on the internet is the sprawl of ripoff bags all around the web. As shopping sites online can give us the luxury to buy on the products that we need in a jiffy, so are the not-so-original that keeps on sprawling like a deadly disease. Is it because of the sky-high priced bags that is visible on their stores? Or is it because the more less-priced original ones are being sold abroad?

Well anyway…

I’m not really used to buy designer bags on the internet, for the fear of getting a ripoff bag is still there. Good thing that my close friend got to buy the Le Pliage bag from Longchamp on Metrodeal and I got a chance to take a closer look at the said bag that she bought on the net despite my warning plea.


But I was the one that got surprised.

I never thought that the bag that she bought from Metrodeal is not the exact same copy, but a real thing! As I checked on the bag that she got, all the original markings are there, including the hidden ones that are not seen to the naked eye. I even asked my friends to have it inspect to see if it’s really the original Le Pliage bag that is sold at an costly price on their respective stores. I know it’s crazy, but I’m still in shock.

This made me conclude that all of the metrodeal reviews that I’ve seen online is real indeed, and just like in other group buying sites that I’ve seen on the internet, this one is all true, from its food treats to vacation destinations to amazing leisures and more, I can’t help but to be amazed on what MetroDeal has to offer to everybody. I will surely buy my bag on their site soon!

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