Roasted Turkey and Pata Tim from Chevonn For Noche Buena

It was the yuletide season once again and nothing beats having a fantastic reunion with my family and close relatives at this much-awaited Christmas season. I just got a dream job offer few months ago and I would love to treat everybody because of that.

I am looking for something that is festive and succulent to everybody. I’ve been eyeing on buying a Lechon for christmas but I think it’s too much because of the range and it’s not healthy. I’m not really choosy with the food choices but I’m really worried on my food-conscious parents and relatives who are in need of looking at their food choices. So choosing on the food that we eat is a challenge for me.

I was thinking of acquiring the usual roasted chicken, but it’s been there for years. After all, my mom always cook the best roasted chicken every christmastime. Salads are a good alternative too, for it’s healthy for everyone to eat. But methinks the children wouldn’t like it at all.

So I went searching on different websites and I’m glad that I stumbled on the MetroDeal site. I think the Chevonss’ Roasted Turkey and Pata Tim combination is a great treat for everyone, for the turkey has a more succulent flavor than those from the chicken meat while the goat pata tim is a unique and delicious alternative to the pork pata tim. It is also said that the goat meat is a great aphrodisiac, while the turkey meat is more tender and juicy.

Another thing that makes me consider on buying the deal is the pata tim and the turkey size: the kambing pata can be eaten for 5-6 persons while the roasted turkey is said to be good for 18-20 persons. you can buy this amazing promo at MetroDeal for only 2999 pesos, Looks like it’s worth the money diba?

That’s why after buying this deal, I called Chevonn for the food pick-up on the day of noche buena (Dec 24) and hand it at our family table.

The whole clan are all surprised on the size of the pata tim and the turkey. They are also delighted on the turkey’s succulent meat and the pata tim’s yummy taste. They all adore it, and I’m glad that they love this one-of-a-kind promo that I got from the Metrodeal website.

So thankful that Metrodeal has this yummy deal posted on their site! A perfect deal for this yuletide season! Hope that they can have this promo again, can’t wait!