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Delicious Angel’s Pizza Deal by MetroDeal

Since our household have constantly been a massive pizza fan, we normally celebrate particular occasions with a box or two.

This time, its our youngest who is having a birthday and she recommended that we attempt Angel’s Pizza. She tasted one when her classmate celebrated her personal birthday and brought three boxes to school.

Metrodeal angel's pizza deal

Fortunately, when I looked up the MetroDeal web page, I saw that they’ve a voucher for Angel’s Pizza and grabbed 1 for the 14-inch Huge Loved ones Pizza. Due to the Metro Deal voucher, I only had to spend for half the price tag, that is P269 as an alternative to P599. Following fetching her from college, we drove by the Angel’s Pizza branch nearest to our location and let her select her desired flavor. As she’s a fan of pineapples like me, she chose Fancy Aloha. But being aware of her dad and her siblings, they would not consume pizza with pineapples on it so I purchased an additional box of a Household Size “Angel’s Style” which made me realize I ought to have purchased an additional MetroDeal voucher. I also bought a serving of Buffalo Wings as an additional.

What I like ideal about Angel’s pizza was how the crust was thin plus the pizza itself was not oily. The cashier also told us that they use olive oil in cooking the pizzas to produce certain that its healthy. My husband and my eldest also liked the barbeque flavor of the Angel’s Style Pizza due to the fact its not too spicy and not as well sweet for their taste. The identical goes for the Buffalo Wings, to which they asked for seconds.

I got a copy of their menu so the following time about I’ll just have the pizzas delivered to my home. General, we give Angel’s pizza a five out of five stars. We’ll undoubtedly order once again next time!

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