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Comfort Food at Half the Price tag Thanks to MetroDeal

Any time you say comfort meals, a lot of the time individuals contemplate chicken soup or ice cream. But for me, anytime I really feel stressed or depressed, I turn to one particular food alone: cheesecakes. I cannot recall what my first cheesecake was and when I initially tasted it. All I can remember that as soon as I did, I didn’t look back.

January has been a particularly stressful month for me specially at work, that is why I was craving for cheesecake badly. Think about my surprise when out in the blue, my boyfriend leads me to Cheesecakes And so forth. and told me to order what ever chesecake I want. No one knows about cheesecake getting my comfort meals except perhaps my parents or my siblings. And my boyfriend wasn’t a sweet tooth to begin with, so I know his lame excuse of him wanting to eat cheesecake was a lie.

He finally coughed up soon after I continued to interrogate him. He takes out a folded piece of paper. The first factor I noticed was the MetroDeal logo printed on it. He stated he knows just how much I liked sweets and that he initially purchased the voucher for my birthday on April 13. But seeing how much I was stressed out lately he decided that he need to use the voucher now then treat me once again on my birthday. (He may well not have a sweet tooth, but he positive is actually a sweet heart.)

Although he only paid Php 250, the Metrodeal voucher entitled him to a Php 500 worth of any food and drinks, which is enough for each of us. We ordered a slice of blueberry cheesecake for me, carbonara for him, and two glasses of iced tea.

If not for the voucher, I will not be able to share a meal with him since the excess of Php 250 is not going to be sufficient to buy his order. Metrodeal just proved to me that you can genuinely save plenty of income in the event you use their vouchers inside your purchases. That is why I’ve began subscribing to Metrodeal’s e mail list. Maybe one day, they will post a voucher that may be an ideal present for my beloved man.

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