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A Different Way of Spa Encounter From MetroDeal!

Initially i am told about Ace Water Spa when it was introduced on TV. I became very much curious about because the name “water spa” is really fresh to me. If you really have let me know the term “spa” I’d instantly possibly imagine pungent body massage or salt scrubs. And so i did a Google search and found out that Ace Water Spa is based on the thought of water therapy which makes use of water to fend off and/or handle soreness. And its not really a new variety of therapy either. As reported by Wikipedia, hydrotherapy began even way back in Ancient Egypt where they used scented water or heated baths in the session.

The thought is also not pretty unique in the Philippines since there is the real hot springs and waterfalls, but a majority swimming resorts offer jacuzzi and water jets in their swimming pools. But only Ace Water Spa was able to show all of this situated under one place.

That’s precisely why I got fully pleased when I find out about the 37% off Ace Water Spa package from MetroDeal! I ended up with 8 vouchers for myself and my good friends and we had fun trying out each one of the pools. We even tried the kiddie pool! (The people kept looking at us though, so we usually had to get out before the lifeguard notices us). One of the many guys like the very high pressure massage treatment a lot he said he would have fallen asleep if not for the fact that there was water falling on him. While some of them were relaxing at the massage pools, the rest of us headed towards the lap pool and had a girls vs boys challenge against who can do 5 laps faster. (We girls won with a score of 2-1).

We finished the last hour with a enjoyable dip at the Jasmine Herb pool. Even though voucher let us to use all the facilities for 4 hours, we didn’t get to go for the Sauna and Cold Swimming pool due to the fact that we had so much fun using the massage and lap pools almost no one wanted to get out of them! Next time we come back, those two will be the first thing we will try out!

Before going out of the water spa I took a look at the fees and couldn’t believe how much I had saved! For all those 8 vouchers, I had saved almost P2,000! Now that’s what you call a great deal! Next time the Ace Water Spa deal comes around in MetroDeal again, I’ll be sure you grab more!

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