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Metrodeal Scams—Completely Untrue

UPDATE: The Metrodeal app is now available! Click on the link to download: MetroDeal IOS app


I’m engaged and getting married on January and I have a tiny dilemma about my fats. I thought about being slim when my bridal gown arrives so I tried a lot of things to reach my goal weight before my wedding. I was aiming 85lbs. before Christmas! I went health and fitness club two times a week, jog during weekends, took some slimming pills and undergone after six diet routine. Unfortunately, nothing happened. I’m so frustrated then i wished to take liposuction and go to Belo Medical Clinic until I read this promo from Metrodeal. (http://www.facebook.com/MetroDealCebu)

This will be my last and final attempt to getting slimmer, I said to myself. I searched for other reviews regarding Metrodeal (http://www.ewine.ph/metrodeal-reservation2) first i have learned very dissimilar sides. Some were good and a few were bad. I was thinking how I will possibly have in mind the truth behind this Metrodeal scam if I won’t check it out myself. I need to be mindful since there are write ups received from other clients that they weren’t content with the services and some mentioned it absolutely was a large scam. So luckily, We’ve tried this inexpensive yet so convincing promo that is Lipo Cavitation Treatment for only P99 as an alternative to P3000, think about that?

I phoned the slimming centre and asked if they are really connected with Metrodeal, chances are they approved. Meanwhile, I clicked on the “Buy Now” button and called again the slimming centre for reservation.
It turned out to be a completely a non-surgical treatment and it was done by experts. I had been advised to go back for five more sessions for the most powerful results. The professional staffs from 808 Derma & Slimming Centre were too accommodating. They helped me understand the procedure they were doing inside my body, on what I will keep a healthy lifestyle after the treatment and they also send much positive vibes through and through.

I was satisfied with my first session. I have to admit, visiting the slimming centre was indeed my last and final attempt to get slimmer because after the 5th session, I reached the body weight I had been aiming. Totally, Personally i think awesome! Check out my pre and post photo, you can really start to see the difference and just how much We’ve changed. I’ve finally gained back my confidence and i’m really contented of my figure today. On January, I’ll be a contented, sexy and delightful bride, definitely! Because of Metrodeal (http://www.thepurpledoll.net/2011/10/groupons-basics-where-and-what-i-bought.html) and 808 Derma & Slimming Centre!

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