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Pampering at its finest – thanks to Sotharo Salon and Spa deal from MetroDeal


Work has given me a lot of stress lately and my figure must cool down and relax. As I arrive home, all I need to do is to crawl up to bed and sleep, and wake up early to go to work. The endless cycle continues and it is making me crazy as time passes.

My colleagues and friends from work always tell me to give myself time to pamper myself by looking at a spa so as to keep my mind far from work. They helped me filled for the vacation leave (i’m not used to leave to work for a trip, except for emergency cases) and looked for affordable spa deals here and online.

It is a good thing that we stumbled to MetroDeal (https://twitter.com/MetroDeal), one of the well-known group buying sites in the Metro. They offer great selections of spa deals that I am searching for, and these come in a drop-down price. And it is an that there’s this available spa deal that’s available near our area.

Sotharo Hair and Nail expert Spa is just a few blocks away from our place, and also the voucher from MetroDeal (http://metrodeal-reviews.tumblr.com/) makes it more convenient for me. Instead of paying 600 pesos, I can have the 60-Minute Entire Body Massage with manicure or Pedicure for 149 pesos, now that’s fantastic! That’s 75% discount from the original price.

I never had any problems buying the voucher from MetroDeal. They feature convenient payment schemes and i also love that they had a lot of deals to pick from. This is why I depend on their choices for MetroDeal’s vouchers tend to be more affordable than from other group buying sites. And I Also can say that everything went well smoothly when i pick the vouchers at their store.

I went to the Sotharo Salon and Spa when i made my reservations that i’m glad how the staff is accomodating and friendly. The place is neat and relaxing, and the massage has sent me to bliss! The 60-minute massage has recharged me to the whole. And therefore, the pedicure that I availed that’s a welcome addition on the deal has make my feet gaye and happy. I’m happy and contented with the sale that is exclusively offered by Metrodeal.

I’m thankful that Metrodeal (http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/MetroDeal) helps me not just with the vast selections of deals but in addition on the money which i save on purchasing them. Without a doubt I shall be coming back for more deals soon!

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