Keratin treatment from David’s Salon (Wilson Branch) – Sweet deal from MetroDeal


Honestly, I had enough of undergoing hair treatments from different salons. I attempted for the rebonding and relax treatments to be able to have a very silky straight hair, and though these treatments has made my hair smooth, beautiful and straight, after a couple of months it became dry and brittle. It was hard that i can maintain my hair to the gorgeous glory for I need to be presentable at the office, and it is expensive to undergo treatments which will last long in order to have a beautiful, lovely hair for years.

I discovered that with regards to hair treatments, keratin treatments can make my hair smooth, soft and healthy for some time. This treatment is also known as a heaven-sent to those who has damaged, treated hair for it is said to regenerate the hair to its gorgeous glory. And because of the beautiful effects on damaged hair, this particular treatment methods are expensive and can extend up to a huge number of pesos, depending on the length of the hair.

It’s a a valuable thing that I found this deal from Metrodeal ( an enormous 79% discount on the keratin treatment from David’s Salon Wilson branch! Originally costs 1200 pesos, you can now acquire the great hair treatment for only 249 pesos, a good deal indeed! Now I can cut back on having a great hair treatment at half the price.

Metrodeal ( is one of the most reliable group buying sites round the metro, plus it saddens me to see bad reviews about it. But for me their deals are to die for and affordable, because of so many choices to choose from. I personally say that MetroDeal is not a scam site like other sites has stated.

As I purchased the Keratin treatment from the group buying site, I called David’s salon Wilson branch for reservations to avail about the deal. I’m relieved that they’re kind enough to help me with all the process so that as I went there for the treatment itself, I’m happy how the crew from David’s salon Wilson’s branch provided me with great service that we think I deserve.

I will be happy that MetroDeal ( had gave me an opportunity to revive my hair back to its lustrous glory. Once more David salon’s keratin treatment deal is now with the drop-down price, now everybody is able to now buy and have a great hair treatment from one of the best salons here. Hoping that this great deal can be acquired throughout the year!