Canyon Cove beach resort deal on MetroDeal – the perfect getaway on a budget

What’s the perfect way to spend the holiday? having a perfect escape outside the city, hit the beach, sunbathing, relax and enjoying the tropical paradise. nothing is more special than having a day or two outside of the city and spoil yourself while enjoying the tropical paradise away from the city.

It is a good thing that i found the right deal for me personally – an overnight stop at the prestigious Canyon Cove beach resort in Nasugbu, Batangas!

The Canyon Cove is one of the premiere resorts in Nasugbu, Batangas and also the place is renowned for its pristine beaches, great facilities, cozy rooms and picture perfect look at the lush atmosphere. The list of facilities and its amenities will make one enjoy their stay at this prestigious beach resort and I am happy that MetroDeal (, the largest group buying site here in the country comes with a 50% discount on an overnight stay in a superior room for two.

Originally priced at 5999 pesos, this deal now costs only around 2999 pesos and also the Canyon Cove voucher includes ¬†free use of the resort’s swimming pool and beach, with discounts on aqua sports amenities. I bought 2 vouchers from their website and secure my reservation to the said resort.

I’m happy up to now with my purchase. It’s a good thing the staff from MetroDeal ( is a great help with my questions and also the people from Canyon Cove is accommodating with my reservation in their resort. The best place is cozy, pristine and it’s really really worth the money.

I’m glad the Canyon Cove voucher from MetroDeal (Ace Water Spa) is a real deal. I’m having doubts on buying travel deals on group buying sites because of the bad reviews but im happy that MetroDeal’s travel deals are legit. Now I can state that MetroDeal is not a scam.

Overall, I’m happy with exactly what I got myself from MetroDeal and my stay from Canyon Cove. Hoping to acquire this deal again!