Tender Juicy Hotdog’s Chick’n Cheese deal from MetroDeal

It’s a habit of mine to have a pack of hotdogs in the fridge, for I have to cook some in the morning, lunch, afternoon snack and in special events. But sometimes I do not like the standard taste of the usual hotdogs that are available from the groceries today, and I am very particular using the brand of the hotdogs that I usually bought in the groceries.

And That I found a much better alternative to the usual hotdogs that I bought before, the Chick’n Cheese! The most up-to-date product from Tender Juicy is an excellent alternative from the usual jumbo hotdogs bend sold out there today. The Tender Juicy Chik’n Cheese consists of chicken and contains cheese tidbits, perfect for individuals who really wants to have great replacement for the most common hotdog flavor.

It just costs 120 pesos around the local groceries but after I saw the offer from MetroDeal (Click here for Metro Deal information), it just cost 89 pesos, now this is a great bargain! I acquired this phenomenal deal in a heartbeat and I’m happy i spend less using this group buying site.

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