My own experience in Metrodeal’s eat-all-you-can Dinner Buffet Cruise Deal

A week ago, I’m still thinking about surprising my boyfriend on his birthday. I’m on a strict budget and i also want something that is different, striking and indulgent. I am scouting around for suggested gifts and I’m thankful that a friend of mine recommended trying to find discount coupon sites for deals that are on the budget.

A great friend has recommended Metrodeal ( to me, for she has already tried and tested their deals and she’s very pleased with her purchases through the group buying site.

I was in awe on the vast array of choices MetroDeal ( has offered, and unlike some other group buying sites, they offer wide different selections of travel,food, gadget, wellness and beauty deals that is suited to everyone’s needs. So that as in my surprise gift to my dearest love, the standout Prestige Cruises’ eat-all-you-can buffet is the best deal to me for I do believe it’s unique and fits right on the budget.

At first, I had been a little skeptical for I heard that there are some group buying sites that gives bogus deals and that’s unfair to those who find themselves searching for one. But what I have heard from my buddies about MetroDeal, they said it’s not a group buying scam site. They feature massive reductions for spas, food establishments, travel deals, gadgets,, and many more. I must give this a try, that is why I aquired 2 vouchers from them. I’m happy that MetroDeal offers different options to pay for the coupons, that’s why it is not difficult for me to purchase the deal from their store.

The Eat-All-You-Can dinner from Prestige Cruises turns out to be a real deal! Originally priced at 650, I only paid P325 for the hearty dinner feast with the majestic view of the picturesque Manila Bay sunset. It’s a one-of-a kind experience to get a delectable dinner by the bay while you’re watching the sunset at the Manila bay. They feature a gastronomical feast of Asian cuisines, lively band, the lovely view as the sun sets during the night by the bay is simply amazing. It was grand, beautiful, romantic, and many different. People from the cruise are accommodating and helpful, and I’m really happy with my purchase online from MetroDeal.

I’m definitely awaiting to have this experience again, and I’m thankful to MetroDeal ( for the vast collection of deals at reasonable prices, will surely buy and come back again!