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Getting lucky with MetroDeal’s iPhone 5 promo

Whenever there’s an online contest on blogs and Facebook Pages, I see to it that I will join every contest that is certainly posted online. There are a few times that I’ve won a few of the contest posted on the internet, and after this I am eyeing to have a new phone soon, this is exactly why i’ve been scouting for online contest on various websites that offers a variety or cellphones.


I Quickly saw this promo from MetroDeal (Metrodeal Linked-In) and so they raffling off the iPhone 5 – the newest smartphone from Apple! it is said to be the next popular trend to happen to iPhone since the iPhone due to its amazing features that makes one in awe.

The much-coveted iPhone 5 is much more thinner and lighter than its predecessors. It has a faster processor, larger display, better camera and better battery life. What’s more, it has got the panoramic iSight Camera, the graphics accelerator a6 chip as well as the iOS6 – the sophisticated main system dedicated for mobile phones.


I still can’t believe that MetroDeal (Metrodeal Squidoo) is offering the iPhone 5 for free! I have been happy will my purchases on the said group buying website, for they have great selections of deals and discounts on gadgets, restaurants, spas, getaways, beauty establishments and much more. I saw some blogs who continue saying that MetroDeal (Metrodeal Vimeo) can be a scam, but i’m absolutely happy with all my purchases from them. They feature easy payment schemes i can say that most of the deals which i bought is worth the money.

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